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Ejami scenes

Who has seen the latest Ejami scenes on Days? I’m disturbed…not sure if it’s just bad writing or if it’s because when emotions are flying so high people really do act so irrationally. Seriously, though, if my son goes missing, I doubt sex would even cross my mind. On the other hand, both EJ and Sami were very upset, and since their relationship seems to be more of a physical one, than an emotional one [at times, at least], it could be their way of consoling each other. Although I must say it looked like the whole thing was verging on rape…very aggressive…very emotional…and, like I said, disturbing…I doubt anyone of them felt any better after, even when Johnny was found, they didn’t seem to quite enjoy it as much as they should. You can bet drama lies ahead.

What do you think?

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  1. ryantw answered: rafe and sami have no chemistry. sami and ej were feeling a million emotions. i think the coming weeks are going to be good!!
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